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This artist’s impression shows the remarkable planetary system around the Sun-like star HD 10180. This system is similar to the Solar System in terms of number of planets and the presence of a regular pattern in the sizes of the orbits. Courtesy of the ESO/L. Calçada

Say it ain’t so. There’s a chance we might not be part of the biggest planetary system in the universe.

We already knew there were at least six planets orbiting the star HD 10180, located in the southern constellation of Hydrus. Now, according to the author of this paper, there could actually be nine planets orbiting the star, which lies about 125-light-years away from Earth.

This would “make this star a record holder in having more planets in its orbits than there are in the Solar System,” Mikko Tuomi stated in the paper. “We revise the uncertainties of the previously reported six planets in the system, verify the existence of the seventh signal, and announce the detection of two additional statistically significant signals in the data.”

The discovery was made after Tuomi reanalyzed HARPS (High Accuracy Radial velocity Planet Searcher) data.

See. That’s what we get for demoting Pluto! Ha!

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