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Centaurus A

The peculiar galaxy Centaurus A as seen in longer infrared wavelengths and X-rays. Inner structural features seen in this image are helping scientists to understand the mechanisms and interactions within the galaxy, as are the jets seen extending over thousands of light years from the black hole believed to be at its heart. Caption and image courtesy of: Far-infrared: ESA/Herschel/PACS/SPIRE/C.D. Wilson, MacMaster University, Canada; X-ray: ESA/XMM-Newton/EPIC

Here’s a unique view of Centaurus A, a massive galaxy not too far away. That’s probably one of the reasons why it has been studied so much, and not to mention, it’s the fifth brightest galaxy in our field of view. Another cool factoid: There’s a monstrous black hole at the center of this galaxy.

This image –  taken with two space telescopes (x-ray and infared) – shows an extremely violent interaction, according to this NASA release.

The observations strengthen the view that the galaxy may have been created by the cataclysmic collision of two older galaxies.

It’s not too surprising. Everything is made from violent collisions, right?